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4 Common Oral Health Issues That Seniors Face

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As we age we face many health issues. While heart, lung and bone issues are among the most discussed, we often overlook the health of our teeth and mouth. Your mouth has been working since you were born, breathing, eating, drinking, and a wide range of other things all wear on your gums, teeth and overall oral health. Fortunately, dentists are there to help you overcome these issues by either reducing the likelihood of more serious problems while also offering preventative care to keep your mouth looking, feeling, and staying as healthy as possible. There are four oral health concerns that you should be aware of, each of which will require you to work with your oral hygienist or dentist to keep things on the right track.

Gum Disease

Gum disease is likely the most common problem throughout your life and as you age it can get worse. Generally caused by plaque, tobacco use, dentures that are not correctly fit or diseases such as diabetes or anemia, gum disease can be a less than pleasant issue to face. Fortunately, things aren’t as bad as you may think. As long as you catch it early, no harm should come to your jaw bone or teeth, so preventative maintenance and regular visits with your dentist will keep this from being a major issue.

Broken Teeth

As the enamel wears down on teeth, the strength of individual teeth is reduced. If a tooth breaks, it is often habit to play with the sharp ends that the break left which can lead to ulcerations on the tongue. Not the most pleasant feeling to say the least, but an easy fix with a short trip to the dentist for a crown or replacement.


Related to the decaying of teeth, those that are filled with crowns or bridges can allow the nerves to die within the filled tooth. This can cause aches and pains that may not be obvious by just looking at your teeth. The fix is easy with painkillers and antibiotics. The worst case scenario is a quick replacement or root canal.

Denture Issues

Dentures are not the first choice for most, but for those that need them, there can be issues that arise if care is not given to the replacements. Proper cleaning, scrubbing, brushing, and care will prevent any negative issues from arising. Without proper care, eating may become an issue, which can lead to a whole host of other health issues. Speak with your dentist or hygienist to make sure you are keeping your dentures in the best shape possible.