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4 Surprising Reasons Why You Should Smile More

When you have a great smile, you have to show it off! You take care of your gums and teeth and here’s the awesome news — the visual benefits to everyone around you are just the start of the benefits of smiling. Here are 4 surprising reasons why you should show off those pearly whites as often as possible:

1. Smiling Improves Your Immune System

Various studies have shown that people who smile and laugh more have more white blood cells versus people who don’t smile and laugh as often, meaning that their immune systems are stronger as a result. What a great way to prevent physical ailments and lessen the pain of existing physical ailments as well.

2. It’s An Endorphin Releaser

By smiling, you’re taking your emotions on a nice long run in a way and by enjoying a release of endorphins; you’re also effectively managing stress and prevent stress related health issues like heart attacks, strokes, and more. More importantly, it makes you feel good. When you feel good physically, you feel better mentally as well. The effects of smiling are similar to the way you feel after a good run or spend some some time in the sun and you don’t have to go anywhere special to do it.

3. It Helps Us Focus

Because stress makes it difficult to concentrate, by smiling, you’re reducing your stress levels and increasing your chances of focusing on the task at hand. It’s the combination of dopamine and serotonin that is released when you smile that improves your overall mental health. This can make you a better friend, lover, and more productive worker too. If you get that big promotion at work, you’ll be smiling even bigger.

4. It’s Contagious!

By brightening someone else’s day, you can brighten your own. When you smile at someone, they will smile right back at you about 50% of the time on average. You can literally boost each other’s endorphins and reduce stress levels. This means that you can literally improve your overall health by smiling at strangers.

Keeping your smile beautiful and smiling often never hurt and only help your overall mental, emotional, and physical health. The best part is that it’s free and you can do it anywhere. Give someone a smile today! It’ll improve your life and theirs and it may even lengthen it as well because of the health benefits.

We love making our patients smile! We’re accepting new patients and would love to make you and your loved ones smile more too. Give us a call to find out more about our services and schedule a dentist appointment at Cedar Park Premier Dentistry.