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Is Acid Eating Your Smile Away?

acid eating your smile
As we age, our teeth are particularly vulnerable to acids that can eat into a once-beautiful smile.Even with a lifetime of proper care, sometimes the enamel on our teeth becomes more vulnerable as we age. How does the mouth become acidic in the first place, and what can you do to slow the progression of acidic affects and keep your pearly whites?

During the course of the day, there are many things we are subjected to that can wear away our enamel. Aggressive brushing techniques, for instance, can wear enamel down. Reflux problems can have an after-effect on the teeth.

Sometimes people do not even realize their teeth are being bombarded with acid. This is because much of the damage can happen at night, particularly to the upper back molars. Reflux disease is very common, but often goes undiagnosed until the dentist catches it during a cleaning. Combined with a dry mouth, a common side effect of many medications, you have the right environment for a serious oral hygiene problem. Sometimes just being a “mouth breather” at night can create a dry mouth – no medical side effects needed!

People who once suffered from an eating disorder are also prone to acid erosion. Sometimes, particularly with teenagers, patients try to hide a disorder – but a dentist can spot it by the erosion of the teeth. Poor nutrition can also create bleeding gums and a dry mouth or erosion from stomach acid in the case of bulimia.

There are lots of treatments your dentist can give you to help combat the conditions that create enamel wear. For example, there are many products to address dry mouth and activate salivary enzymes. There are also treatments designed to strengthen enamel against future acid attacks.

There are more preventions and treatments than ever before. But make certain to address this issue with your dentist. Left untreated, reflux disease can do more than damage your teeth. It can erode your esophagus and could even lead to esophageal cancer. So be sure to let your doctor know if your dentist spots the signs!

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