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Are over the Counter Whitening Strips Bad for Your Teeth?

Everyone wants a beautiful, bright white smile, but lifestyle choices, medications, and aging take their toll. Over time, your smile naturally loses luster, and you might look for treatments to return your teeth to a whiter appearance. But those over-the-counter whitening strips aren’t just ineffective, they can potentially harm your gums. To schedule a professional teeth whitening appointment with our Austin cosmetic dentist, please contact Dr. Dale Williams today by calling 512-782-0821.

All cosmetic teeth whitening uses a chemical bleach to remove stains and return teeth to a whiter, brighter state, but the products available over the counter are very different from what your dentist offers.

For one thing, professional whitening takes advantage of custom-fabricated trays that fit your teeth exactly. This ensures that none of the whitening gel leaks out and irritates your gums Furthermore, the whitening gel used in over-the-counter kits contains a weaker bleach than the bleach we use in our professional take-home teeth teeth whitening kits. This means that you have to use over-the-counter products for a much longer period of time to get results that even come close to what’s available professionally.

When you compare over-the-counter kits to the professional solutions available from Dr. Williams, you’ll quickly discover that there’s no comparison at all. If you’re ready to discover how a whiter, brighter smile can improve not just your appearance but your confidence as well, please contact Cedar Park Premier Dentistry today at 512-782-0821 to schedule an appointment with our Austin cosmetic dentist.