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Bleeding Gums During Pregnancy: Should You Worry?

Pregnancy is a magical time for many moms-to-be, who have 40 weeks to marvel at the miracle of growing a baby from a small collection of cells to a fully-formed human being. For many pregnant women, however, there are also a few unexpected surprises, from swollen and tender…well, everything, to

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What Are the Common Warning Signs of Impacted Wisdom Teeth?

Although adolescence is often a period of self-discovery, when teens grow into adult bodies and begin thinking about who they really are as people, it can also be a confusing, frustrating, and awkward time in life. There are also a lot of physical changes. In addition to growth spurts, adolescents

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How Can You Strengthen Your Teeth in Adulthood?

A common cause of tooth decay in adults is a process called demineralization. Bacteria secrete molecules and stick to teeth, causing plaque, and they consume sugar and starch that are converted to acid. This acid dissolves the enamel, which weakens teeth. It’s possible to remineralize teeth in a few ways,

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Why Are My Gums Receding?

Oral health is one of the most overlooked parts of our overall wellbeing. It is unlikely that you have ever heard someone make a New Year’s resolution to brush their teeth more often. Most of the time, personal health is looked at through the lens of exercise such as running,

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4 Common Oral Health Issues That Seniors Face

As we age we face many health issues. While heart, lung and bone issues are among the most discussed, we often overlook the health of our teeth and mouth. Your mouth has been working since you were born, breathing, eating, drinking, and a wide range of other things all wear

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