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Celebrate Valentine’s Day the Tooth-Friendly Way!

Valentine’s Day is a fun holiday for everyone, from little children to older adults. Unfortunately, the age-old tradition of celebrating the holiday with a box of chocolates isn’t always so wonderful for our oral health. The good news is that there are several ways to enjoy the holiday without wreaking

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A Short History of Braces

Many of us have a tendency to think of dentistry only in modern-day terms, but the fact is that people having been practicing dentistry in one form or another for thousands of years. That includes – believe it or not – braces! As it turns out, having a straight, attractive

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Making Teeth Stronger with Good Diet Choices

You’ve probably heard plenty of advice about what NOT to do when it comes to maintaining good oral health – advice on what NOT to eat, for example. So we’ve decided to take another point of view and focus, instead, on what you SHOULD eat to promote stronger teeth. Fortunately,

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Starting the New Year with Healthy Teeth and Gums

Are you ready to start your New Year off right? Whether or not you make a list of New Year resolutions, January is a great time to focus on your goals for the upcoming year, and what better goal could you have than improved oral health! We’ve assembled this list

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Selecting the Right Toothpaste for a Toddler

If you’re the parent of a toddler, finding the right toothpaste for those tiny new baby teeth can be a daunting task, which is why we’ve compiled this information to help walk you through the process. First, you should know that it’s never too early to start your baby on

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