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How Can You Strengthen Your Teeth in Adulthood?

A common cause of tooth decay in adults is a process called demineralization. Bacteria secrete molecules and stick to teeth, causing plaque, and they consume sugar and starch that are converted to acid. This acid dissolves the enamel, which weakens teeth. It’s possible to remineralize teeth in a few ways, and this process can actually strengthen them right into adulthood.

Fluoride is effective at strengthening teeth, forming crystals that create more durable enamel. Teeth therefore become more resistant to decay. Fluoride is found naturally and can prevent bacteria from producing acid. It’s applied either by toothpaste or ingested via water-based supplements. Fish and tea have high concentrations of fluoride, but green tea has especially high concentrations; also, drinking it also comes with the benefits of bacteria-killing catechin polyphenols.

Other Teeth-Strengthening Drinks

Polyphenols are also found in cranberry juice. Red wine has them as well. There’s some health benefit to having cheese with wine, because it can neutralize acid and produce more saliva, which has calcium and other substances that strengthen teeth.

Diet Can Boost Dental Health

Cheese is a source of calcium as well, but not the only one. Fish such as salmon and sardines are calcium-rich and good for the bones as well. Almonds, low-fat dairy, and dark leafy green vegetables have enough calcium to be beneficial to your dental health. Not all sweets are bad for teeth either; a cocoa extract called theobromine has been studied and may be a better protector than fluoride. The darker the chocolate, the higher the potential benefits are.

Pure licorice can keep teeth strong. It also kills bacteria. So can chewing gum with xylitol, which bacteria consume rapidly but can’t digest, so it becomes toxic to them. Any food rich in phosphorous and magnesium can contribute to stronger teeth in adulthood.

Get Plenty of Vitamins

In addition to calcium, make sure there’s enough vitamin D in your diet, which is needed to absorb calcium. Salmon, tuna, and fortified milk as well as egg yolks have this crucial vitamin too. Vitamins are a source of nutrients the body needs to stay healthy and maintain the strength of teeth. There are many reasons to get enough of them. As you can see, there are many natural methods of keeping your teeth strong, and it doesn’t take repeated dental treatments to maintain and even boost tooth strength as a grown adult.