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Don’t Have a Toothbrush? How to Keep Your Teeth Clean

Whether you forgot your toothbrush or you’ve just been putting off purchasing one, being without a toothbrush can cause a lot of problems in your personal and professional life. After all, who wants to kiss or do business with someone who has food-stained teeth or garlic breath? Fortunately, there are ways to make due without a toothbrush, albeit for a limited time. In the long run, there is no substitute for a toothbrush for optimal dental hygiene. However, in the short term, the following list should be of great service. Without further ado, here are some suggestions on how to keep your teeth clean without a toothbrush.

Baking Soda Works Wonders

Did you know that baking soda predates toothpaste in terms of oral hygiene? While toothpaste is definitely an improvement, making due with baking soda is certainly a viable solution for the short term. Simply mix the power with some water and rub it across your teeth. Be sure to rinse when you are finished, just as you would with toothpaste, and take extra care not to swallow the stuff. Even better, baking soda also doubles as a tooth whitener, so you can keep your smile sparkling while ensuring that your teeth are clean!


One of the most expedient ways to clean your mouth of debris is simply rinsing with water. Just pour some into a glass or some other receptacle, sip it, then swish it around in your mouth. This will successfully excavate surgical dirt and plaque. What’s more, when you spit the water into the sink it will carry a lot of the unsavory plaque along with it.


Yes, you read that correctly. Commonly referred to as “Oil-Pulling”, this trend involves swishing no more than a teaspoon of oil around in your mouth to excavate toxins and ensure that your teeth are clean, healthy, and white. Like baking soda, oil pulls double duty by simultaneously cleaning and whitening the teeth. The best oils to use are either sesame or coconut, though olive and sunflower oil will also work just fine.

Toilet Paper

In times of desperation, a little toilet paper goes a long way. Simply wrap a bit of it around your finger and rub it back and forth across your teeth. This will get some of the plaque off your teeth and provide a viable solution until you can get to a toothbrush.