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Helpful tips and tricks that every Invisalign patient should know

If you grew up in the 1980s or 1990s getting clunky metal braces was almost a rite of passage. You’d show up to school one day, and instead of pearly whites you’d have a cumbersome metal track in your mouth accented with dayglow rubber bands. This rite of passage is no longer necessary. In recent years, more people have chosen to go with Invisalign, a more comfortable a discreet option that works faster and is also safer for your teeth. If you’ve made this choice or are thinking about opting for Invisalign, the following are fundamental tactics to get the most out of your treatment:

Keep your teeth extra clean

Since the aligners enclose your teeth, saliva cannot easily rebuild the enamel surfaces. Also, the trays can also hold in the matter that is made loose by your brushing routine. Because your enamel is comprimised and you may have gunk enclosed in the tray, you are more susceptible to cavities. Devote yourself to regular flossing, opt for a whitening toothpaste and be prepared to get cleanings more frequently. You’ll also want to rinse your tray each time you remove and replace it.

Follow your doctor’s plan

Orthodontists recommend you keep them on for 20-22 hours a day. Because Invisalign is a removable plastic tray, it may be tempting to take them off often. Try to keep them on unless you’re eating or caring for your teeth. This is especially important for the first 48 hours, when you put on a new aligner. While you change aligners around every two weeks, you’ll want to commit yourself to following the doctor’s orders. This can mean taking one aligner out early or leaving it in for a few extra days. Do not take it upon yourself to hurry the process.

Modify your diet and drink lots of water

Follow the dietary plan outlined by your doctor. When you feel tenderness in your mouth you’ll want to avoid crispy, crunchy, or chewy food. The mouth may respond to the aligner by producing more saliva, which can be dehydrating. So you’ll want to drink a lot of water and clear, sugar-free fluids during your treatment. When wearing your aligners, you’ll also want to avoid hot drinks, which can warp the plastic, and light liquids, which can stain your teeth.

Go with the flow

Like all orthodontic treatments, Insvisalign takes various adjustments as it enhances your smile. You may notice a lisp at the beginning, but practice speaking with the tray in your mouth and you’ll get used to it. There are also some tricks for reducing soreness. When starting with a new aligner, for example, you’ll want to mitigate your discomfort by putting it in when you go to bed. In all phases of the treatment, trust the process. Do not hurry it along or slow it down, and you will see marked results in short order.

Smile, kiss, and laugh

Invisalign allows you to align your smile without the inhibition and discomfort of metal braces. You can look directly at the camera, laugh, take selfies, and kiss your partner spontaneously and without reservation. If you follow the habits described above, listen to your doctor, and lean into the process, you may find yourself smiling and laughing more freely than ever.