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Is Your Smile Aging You?

We are all trying to maintain our youthful appearance with proper nutrition, exercise, sunscreen, salon treatments, and possibly even some cosmetic procedures. There is one feature, though, than can add age to your face with just a simple laugh. Your smile. It can show your age more so than gray hair or a few laugh lines in your face. If you have discoloration of your teeth, chips, cracks, crooked teeth, or old dental work, you are sure to show your age every time you smile. They may be causing your smile to appear dull and could even add extra years to your age. Your teeth can actually wear down with age taking away from the full smile of your youth. The good news is there are many great options to restore your younger smile.

Creating a Straighter Smile

As we age our teeth move, even if we have had braces. It is not unusual for teeth to become slightly crooked or even move inward causing your cheeks to lose the fullness they had when you were younger. There are options to straighten out teeth as we age including veneers which essentially is a process that files down your teeth and covers them with a porcelain coating that strengthens and whitens making your smile more aesthetically pleasing. Braces or Invisalign braces are another option if the idea of veneers is not for you. Your dentist can cosmetically whiten your teeth if there is discoloration and you have chosen braces over veneers.

Dealing With Damage

Chips and cracks in our teeth are also more prevalent as we age. As small cracks increase our teeth tend to become more discolored. The cause of our cracks and chips are usually caused by the ever thinning enamel on the surface of teeth. The tooth becomes weaker as the enamel decreases. Porcelain inlays/overlays can be used to repair cracks and tend to last the longest. Veneers and resin bonding not only repair the teeth but also help with the discoloration.


Crowns and fillings can discolor over time just as your teeth do. An aged mouth is undeniable when some teeth are darkened from old dental work. Freshen up your smile by having old work replaced. Upgrade to white fillings, porcelain inlays/overlays, and cosmetic whitening or veneers. Don’t let your smile be the only feature that gives away your age.
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