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Laser Gum Reshaping Benefits

gum reshaping
A bright, beautiful smile that features straight teeth can help to boost your confidence and make you feel more attractive. For some people, however, an otherwise perfect smile may have excessive gum tissue extending down over teeth and causing them to appear smaller than they are.

As long as you practice proper oral hygiene, this situation isn’t typically dangerous or detrimental health-wise, but it can affect the cosmetic appearance of your smile. Luckily, a “gummy” smile is easily treated with laser gum reshaping, or gum contouring, as it is sometimes called. There are several benefits to be gained when choosing this procedure.

Avoid Invasive Surgical Alternatives

Prior to the widespread usage of lasers for cosmetic procedures, gum contouring was performed with a scalpel. This invasive procedure not only includes a long and painful recovery, but also greater risk for complications like infection after the fact.

By comparison, laser gum reshaping is accomplished quickly and patients suffer much less discomfort after the fact. This is because lasers used for contouring cauterize the tissue while they cut, eliminating open wounds and the need for stitches. With proper aftercare, issues like bleeding, discomfort, and infection are greatly reduced with laser procedures for gum contouring.

Increase the Appearance of Tooth Size

The main reason most people undergo laser gum reshaping is because excessive gum tissue makes their teeth look smaller and impacts the beauty of their natural smile. Gum contouring procedures are used to cut away unnecessary gum tissue in order to make your teeth appear larger and create a more aesthetically pleasing smile.

Create a Symmetrical Gum Line

In some cases, gums may appear uneven, covering over teeth in some areas more than others. The process of gum contouring not only allows practitioners to cut away excess tissue, but also to control the shape of remaining tissue, creating an attractive, symmetrical, and perfectly scalloped gum line around the teeth.

Gain Confidence

An unattractive smile can impact your self-esteem and make you uncomfortable in situations such as meeting new people or posing for photos. If excessive or asymmetrical gum tissue is to blame, you have options to treat the condition and improve your confidence.

Laser gum reshaping allows you to tailor your gums to create the precise aesthetic you crave, increasing the exposed surface of the tooth, shaping the gums, and crafting the perfect smile. When the procedure is complete you’ll be able to smile with confidence, which is just as attractive as a beautiful set of pearly whites.