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Oral Piercings and your Oral Health

Some people choose to pierce their tongues, lips and cheeks, and like any other piercing you need to take special care to avoid infecting the piercing site, such as practicing good dental hygiene. Doing so will help you maintain great oral health.

Oral piercings do pose some risks to your teeth and other oral tissues. Piercings in your mouth may:

  • Break a tooth
  • Scratch tooth enamel
  • Become infected
  • Damage your gums or other soft tissues
  • Crack a dental filling or other dental restoration

If you have an oral piercing, you should take steps to prevent infection, mainly by trying to keep the piercing site clean. Rinse out your mouth with water to clear food debris away from the piercing, and avoid putting your fingers in your mouth to adjust the piercing unless you’ve washed your hands right before.

Oral piercings also pose the risk of damaging your teeth or dental restorations. Although you cannot eliminate this risk completely, you can avoid these problems by trying to be aware of how the piercing hits your teeth when you talk and trying to prevent it from doing so.

Your oral health is an important part of your wellbeing. At Cedar Park Premier Dentistry, our dentist and entire dental team is committed to helping you achieve excellent oral health and a beautiful smile.

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