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At Cedar Park Premier Dentistry, our caring, experienced and skilled dental team believes in providing each of our patients effective dental care that meets individual dental needs and goals. To schedule an appointment with our friendly team at our luxurious Austin dentistry office, please call us today.

Neisha Hawkins

Coordinating Queen

Is dental insurance complicated to you? It certainly is to me. First, there must be a billion different plans out there all with their individual idiosyncrasies. Also, frequently, it is difficult to even figure out which plan our patients have. Finally, trying to discern what the insurance will pay and what the patient’s portion are monumental tasks.

I’m not really complaining, I just want to emphasize and be thankful that we have Neisha. She is a wonderful person who daily warms my heart with her kindness and competence. Most importantly, she has the resolve and intelligence to piece together the insurance puzzle for each of our patients so they get the treatment they need. She is absolutely amazing at taking complex treatment plans, determining who is responsible for what, and then carefully explaining all this to the patient. Come see us and get to know Neisha, another great young member of our premier dental team.

Jenny Flannegan

Just What We Need

I wish every office had someone who was capable and willing to do whatever needs to be done. Someone who can assist the doctor, or assist the hygienist, or take impressions, or answer the phones, or restock our consumables, or seat patients, or even lend a friendly smile to anyone looking for one. We are so lucky to have just that person in Jenny.

Jenny is one of the newer members of our team, but has already wiggled her way into our hearts. Her work ethic makes so many problems solvable and her ability to work closely with everybody else, makes each day brighter. Come see us and get a dose of great care from Jenny, this terrific young member of our premier dental team.

Lauren Olson

Assistant Par Excellence

Have you been to the dentist, sitting in the dental chair – perhaps a little scared and definitely feeling alone, when suddenly, a sparkling personality engages you and transforms your whole perception of your situation? If so, then perhaps you have met our lead assistant, Lauren. Her effervescence is an elixir for our whole office. She has a very positive effect on both co-workers and patients.

In addition to being our goodwill ambassador, Lauren is also an excellent clinical assistant, skilled in every aspect of dentistry. She usually knows my next step before I do and this makes my life as a dentist so great. Between Lauren and Jenny we keep the wheels on the bus and give our patients the best experience they can possibly expect. Do come and see us and meet this dynamic sweetheart member of our premier dental team.


Hygienist Redefined

Nazia is wonderful!! Now, let me give you a little background on how important her wonderfulness is. What I do as a dentist is to solve dental problems and my goal for each of our patients is to solve his or her individual dental problems and get that patient to the point that he or she needs only to maintain. That’s where the hygienist comes in. Patients partner with the hygienist to keep their gums and teeth healthy forever.

I personally have to have a wonderful hygienist to fulfill all that I want for our patients. She must be kind, caring, friendly , smart and gentle – yet thorough. This is a difficult combination to find but Nazia embodies each of these characteristics beautifully! I am so proud and grateful to partner with Nazia in providing the best dental care possible to our patients.

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