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Why Specialized Pediatric Dentistry?

Pediatric dentistry is a form of dentistry that specializes in the care and treatment of children’s oral health as well as a support and resource for parents of young children. Starting children early with good brushing and flossing habits as wells biannual checkups develops effective habits and routines that will keep teeth and gums healthy for a lifetime. Finding a caring and experienced pediatric dentist is just as important as a good brushing routine. Seek out a dental practice that offers services designed specifically for children. Many family dental practices offer skilled and expert pediatric services as well as treatment for adults.

We Start Early!

At Cedar Park Premier Dentistry we begin seeing children as young as the age of four. Establishing the routine of seeing a dentist early on will prevent children from developing fears or anxiety related to dental visits. A family dentistry can also give your child a chance to see you receiving an exam reassuring them that there is nothing to it and can even be somewhat fun. A pediatric dentist can patiently explain each step in the cleaning and x-ray process preparing the child for what will be happening during each phase of the checkup. Your dentist will also help you the parent with tips on proper brushing routines and healthy snacks to prevent cavities and gum disease.

What Happens During a Checkup?

During your child’s checkup their teeth will be thoroughly examined and cleaned. During the cleaning your dentist will discuss correct brushing strategies, flossing, and give a fluoride treatment. X-rays are taken to check for hard to see cavities in between teeth and to check on gums and bone structure. On the chance that your child will require extra care such as fillings due to cavities in teeth Cedar Park will use tooth colored fillings instead of traditional metal fillings. These fillings are more successful at adhering to the tooth’s surface and closely match the color of natural teeth. They actually bond to the tooth creating a seal and less likely to be affected by temperature variations.

These early checkups can also help your dentist see bite problems or the potential need for orthodontic care in the future. The sooner these problems can be identified the sooner treatment can begin to realign and repair issues. To learn more about pediatric dentistry at Cedar Park Premier Dentistry call today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Williams. Getting an early start on dental care guarantees a healthy smile for a lifetime.