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Tooth-Healthy Easter Basket Options

If you’re a parent, you are probably already planning an Easter basket for your little one. Kids love waking up on Easter morning to find a basket full of treats left behind by the Easter Bunny. And if you’re like many parents, you enjoy assembling the basket almost as much as your child enjoys finding it on that special day. But instead of stuffing your child’s Easter basket with the typical array of sugar-filled treats, remember how much damage candy can do to your child’s teeth – not to mention the sugar rush and associated sugar crash that all kids go through after indulging in typical Easter basket treats. Since most kids are more prone to cavities than adults, adding an abundance of sugar-laden candy at Easter isn’t going to help. Here are some tooth-healthy Easter basket options to consider:

  • Decorated Easter eggs – What could be a better choice for an Easter basket than Easter eggs? To make these really special, include hard-boiled eggs that you decorated yourself, rather than eggs that your kids decorated and will no doubt recognize. Remember that eggs need to be refrigerated, so only include them at the last minute, and keep them in a special place inside the fridge so your kids can find them and snack on them later.
  • Cheese sticks – Most kids love cheese, and it happens to actually be good for their teeth! So include a variety of individually wrapped cheese sticks in your child’s Easter basket. Just make sure that they’re a special brand or variety that your little one isn’t accustomed to having, which will make them a special treat for Easter morning.
  • Nuts and/or trail mix – Another healthy alternative to candy are small packets of nuts or trail mix. Most kids love nuts, especially if they come in small, kid-size packages!
  • Toys – Whatever toys you choose for your child’s Easter basket, they are sure to be a big hit! Traditional choices like stuffed animals are always good, but you might consider toys that will occupy your child’s time on the holiday – like crayons, coloring books, watercolors, or games, for example.

Of course, every child loves candy, so you might want to include a few pieces of your child’s favorites along with a variety of healthy snacks and toys. There’s no reason why you and your child can’t still make happy memories of Easter morning without all the sugar. In fact, you might be surprised at how much your child appreciates and enjoys the variety!