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What Makes a Smile Beautiful

two-smiling-girl-friends-brunette-and-blonde-canstockphoto0731713A beautiful smile can be one of a person’s greatest attributes. After all, when you smile, people generally smile back. A smile can make you more appealing and appear more trustworthy. And, perhaps best of all, you actually feel better about yourself and the world around you when you smile.

Most people may not think of any attributes in particular that make up a beautiful smile. But there are certain qualities and characteristics that really do help to make a smile more appealing. Some of these, we may not even think about consciously, but just recognize instinctively. Some of those qualities include the following:

  • Condition of the teeth: Chipped, broken, decayed or cracked teeth definitely don’t contribute to a nice smile. If you have damaged teeth, it’s important to contact your dentist to have them repaired, since putting it off could lead to much worse problems.
  • Amount of gum exposed: If you have too much gum exposed when you smile, it’s what dentists refer to as a “gummy” smile. Your dentist can help reduce the amount of gum showing when you smile. This cosmetic dentistry procedure takes a certain amount of time to recover from, but the results are often well worth it.
  • Tooth shape: You guessed it – straight teeth are usually considered to be better looking than crooked teeth. Braces are the most common resolution to this condition. Nowadays, there are braces that are quite literally invisible.
  • Gaps between teeth: It’s usually not considered to be desirable to have wide gaps between your teeth. There are a few different cosmetic dentistry procedures designed to close up the gaps between teeth.
  • Tooth color: Generally speaking, the whiter your teeth are, the better. If you whiten your teeth, however, you should be careful not to over-whiten. Using bleaching products too often can actually cause your teeth to turn a light blue color, so be sure to visit your Cedar Park dentist regularly and get instructions.
  • Lip volume: Having lips that are too full can detract from an attractive smile. But it’s also not desirable to have no lips showing at all. Somewhere in between the two lies the happy medium – and what would typically be considered the most attractive.

While it’s true that all these attributes can add up to a beautiful smile, beauty really is in the eye of the beholder. As long as your teeth and gums are healthy, and your smile is genuine, chances are that the people who care about you will think your smile is beautiful. But if you would like to improve the appearance of your smile, your Cedar Park dentist can help.

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