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5 Reasons to Choose CEREC Crowns

If your teeth have been damaged or worn down, the best dental solution is likely a crown to restore the tooth. Cedar Park Premier Dentistry offers CEREC crowns to patients in the Austin area who need restorative work done on their teeth. But what are CEREC crowns, and why do we recommend them? Here are the top 5 reasons to consider CEREC when choosing a tooth crown:

1. You Only Need One Appointment

Traditional crowns generally require two appointments: one to match a crown to your tooth, another to install the crown. With CEREC crowns, both steps can be done in a single dentist visit!

2. Technology Gives You a Better Match

With the procedure’s 3D digital modeling technology, we can create a crown that will fit in naturally with your other teeth and line up with your bite. We can even modify the color to your specifications! The result is a crown that blends in well with your existing teeth, and feels like it should have been in your mouth the whole time.

3. You Keep More of Your Original Tooth

While CEREC material is the best possible substitute for your natural teeth, it’s a good idea to keep as much of the original tissue as possible. The accuracy of CEREC’s 3D modeling minimizes how much your dentist has to grind down your teeth, which shortens your appointment and is good for your dental health.

4. Natural-Looking Results

Crowns made from metal tend to stick out. If a line of pearly-white teeth are interrupted by a lone gray one, people are likely to notice. But the ceramic material that CEREC is made from looks exactly like a natural tooth. Your dentist may even find it difficult to tell the difference!

5. It Lasts A Long Time

The ceramic material CEREC is made from may not be as noticeable as metal, but it’s just as strong. If you take good care of your CEREC crown and continue to practice good dental hygiene, it could last you the rest of your life!

If you want to know more about what CEREC crowns can do for you, then you should set up an appointment with Dr. Tiffany Kondoff as soon as possible. Contact us by calling 512-782-0821. We serve patients in Austin, Round Rock, Pflugerville, Cedar Creek, and the surrounding areas.