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What do you want your long-term relationship to your dental team to look like? Please allow us at CPPD to weigh in on this. Overall, we want you to keep your teeth your entire life, but what does that entail? Some people have virtually no dental problems which comes under the heading of “life’s not fair”. Other folks have every imaginable dental problem including gum disease, decay, broken teeth, and bad breath. Most of us sit somewhere between these two extremes. So, what do we do about these situations? Here is our philosophy.
Step One – Stop dental disease. This category includes getting rid of decay, controlling gum disease, restoring broken teeth, fixing bite issues, and most importantly, teaching oral care that will minimize future dental problems. Step Two – Begin restoration of failing restorations and damaged teeth, and replacing teeth that are missing with implants, crowns, bridges, partials, or dentures. Step Three – Provide cosmetic restorations where desired. This includes bleaching, laminates, crowns, bridges, orthodontics, and in general, smile make-overs. Step Four – Establish regular dental hygiene visits to not only clean your teeth and reinforce your care at home, but to also discover any problems that may occur while they are small and most fixable.
Another way of phrasing this is that we get rid of, or control, dental disease, restore function, make them pretty, and we keep things in good working order. Come see us because we can do all these things and more.

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