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Dental Bonding

Cedar Park Dental bonding is a composite resin that can be applied to the teeth for the correction of minor cosmetic dental problems. Round Rock cosmetic dentist Dr. Dale Williams may suggest dental bonding as a cost-effective alternative to porcelain veneers for the correction of small chips on the front of teeth as well as issues such as:

Dental bonding is not as strong or natural looking as porcelain veneers, but can address some of the same issues at a fraction of the cost.

To learn if dental bonding is the best solution for your smile, please call today to schedule an initial consultation at our comfortable Cedar Park office.

About Dental Bonding

To apply dental bonding in Cedar Park, Dr. Williams first roughens the surface of the tooth. This gives the enamel a porous surface, allowing the bonding to better affix to the tooth. Once your tooth has been prepared, the resin is applied in stages. In between each stage, the resin is cured with a special light. The bonding resin is carefully matched in color to adjacent teeth to help ensure a seamless appearance.

After the final layer of bonding has been applied and hardened, Dr. Williams will carefully shape it to ensure a natural look and polish it to achieve the same sheen as adjacent teeth. The process generally takes less than an hour and produces immediately noticeable improvements.

Dental bonding is faster and less expensive than alternatives such as veneers and dental crowns, but it does not offer the same level of strength. However, with proper care, dental bonding can continue to produce remarkable results for a number of years.

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