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Keeping Up with Children’s Oral Health in a Pandemic

During the first few months of the COVID-19 pandemic, before we knew how to adequately protect ourselves from the virus, many dental offices were closed except for emergency situations. While it’s true that the vast majority of dental offices are now open – and taking extra precautions to ensure the

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Why Regular Dental Visits are So Important

Most dentists would agree that it’s important to come in for regular oral exams and professional cleanings. But if you think that’s just because the dentist office needs the business, think again. The truth is that your good oral health is the primary concern of any good dentist, and it’s

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Celebrating the Tooth Fairy

Are you looking for something to celebrate during the month of August? How about National Tooth Fairy Day! This annual celebration takes place each year on August 22nd. And while it may sound silly to commemorate the Tooth Fairy, this beloved childhood figure has played an important role in the

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How Does Physical Activity Affect Oral Health?

Most of us know how important it is for our overall health to be as active as possible. Whether you run a marathon or simply walk 30 minutes a day several times a week, staying physically active is vital to maintaining good health. But did you know that exercise is

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Tobacco and Oral Health

Most people are aware – at least in a general sense – of the fact that tobacco is bad for our overall health and can result in lung disease. But did you know that tobacco use also negatively affects your oral health? It’s true! In fact, using virtually any type

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