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There have been truly remarkable changes in our society – not all good-fueled by the technology revolution, in which we find ourselves. An example of this occurred with my children. My oldest went to college without a cell phone. My second child went to college with a cell phone. My third child received her first cell phone in high school and my youngest in junior high. Certainly, dentistry has been affected dramatically by technology as well. I now can think of only a few things I would do the same as I learned in dental school. Examples are gold crowns, dentures, and extractions.

Finally, there has been a remarkable revolution in porcelain in the past 15 years. So much that metal-based crowns are clearly on the way out. Also, the refinement of CAD/CAM technology has brought on crowns in one visit with no temporaries. The onslaught of lasers is changing all sorts of oval and periodontal surgeries. We are even venturing into tooth structure removal (and thus cavity removal) with several different types of lasers. The final major change that transforms what we can do in dentistry is the successful placement of dental implants. These changes have collectively revolutionized the profession of dentistry. Because I view the alterations in the fabric of what I can do, as nothing short of amazing, I will address in future discourse. Come see us and we can talk to you about any or all of these as they pertain to you.

The first huge change occurred when the public found out we could do something other than old silver-mercury fillings (amalgams). Tooth-colored fillings at this time have almost completely replaced amalgams and are much more cosmetic.

Our Dentistry Technology

Dr. Kondoff is pleased to offer advanced dental technology including:

In addition to this technology, Dr. Kondoff and our staff make every effort to keep you comfortable by offering an upscale and luxurious environment in which all of your dental treatments will take place. We are conveniently located in the Breakaway development in Cedar Park, directly across from the Ranch at Brushy Creek.

We place the highest value on the happiness of our patients. We would be honored to answer any questions you may have and to further discuss our technology and amenities with you during your initial consultation.

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At Cedar Park Premier Dentistry, your comfort and safety are always top priorities. No matter if you are coming to our Austin area office for a general dentistry visit or for a complete smile makeover, we strive to offer the latest in state-of-the-art dental technology in Austin to help ensure your absolute satisfaction.

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