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Controlling Sugar Addiction for Better Oral Health

We’ve all heard about the dangers of addictions, especially life-threatening addictions to substances like nicotine, alcohol and drugs. But you may not realize that there is another type of addictive substance that can wreak havoc with your oral health – sugar. While craving sweets and desserts may not sound serious,

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What is Preventive Dentistry?

What’s the best way to resolve tooth and gum issues? If you ask most dentists, they’ll give you the same answer: prevent them from occurring in the first place. That’s what preventive dentistry is all about. It involves offering patients some select services that will help them to avoid future

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Why Dentists Recommend Replacing Metal Fillings

For many years, dentists used one material to repair cavities: silver amalgam. And while there’s no doubt that this material proved to be quite durable, it did present some drawbacks. If you still have metal fillings, your dentist might recommend replacing those. There are several reasons why that’s a good

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Is It Safe to Visit the Dentist During a Pandemic?

March of 2021 marks one year since we have been dealing with the COVID 19 pandemic here in the U.S. And while it’s true that effective vaccines have been developed and are currently being administered to Tier 1 and Tier 2 individuals throughout our country, it will take some time

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March 6th is National Dentist’s Day!

Enjoying a lifetime of good oral health affects much more than simply having healthy teeth and gums. In fact, many studies conducted over the past several years have shown that oral health is closely related to a person’s overall health. That means if you have gum disease or severe tooth

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