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Common Dental Implant Issues

dental implant
Dental implants are a very common procedure used to replace missing teeth. Modern methods have greatly improved both the appearance as well as the fit of an implant. Today’s implants look highly similar to the root of the tooth. Within a few weeks, the bone of the jaw is able to fuse with the implant and then life returns to normal. There are a few cases, though, where issues arise. If you are considering an implant, here are a few issues to be aware of and address with your dentist.

Bone Grafts Can Help

The most important part of the procedure is ensuring that there is enough bone mass to allow the implant to “take.” Sometimes a patient will not experience good integration with the implant because there is not enough bone mass to work with. If the volume of bone isn’t enough, not to worry! Bone grafts can be done to increase the chances of a successful implant.

Dealing with Infection

Sometimes implants are rejected by the body for other reasons, specifically infection. If your gums are inflamed, then infection may be present. Sometimes this is due to poor oral hygiene, but there are other ways that gums can become inflamed. Teeth grinding, for instance, a common result of anxiety and stress, can create inflammation that creates loss of bone structure. If there is pain, redness, swelling and heat in the area, talk to your dentist about the inflammation.

Dealing With Bleeding

After the implant, there will often be a minimal amount of bleeding in the area. This is normal, because implantation is considered a form of surgery. An abnormal amount of bleeding, though, or bleeding that lingers, could signal a bigger problem, and you should visit a hospital right away. Damage to surrounding tissue, crown or roots of teeth nearby has been known to happen, but this damage is certainly minimized by using a top quality dentist! Your dentist will be able to use X-rays or other computer tomography scans to make sure the location of your nerves, etc. are well established before the implant procedure.

Your Responsibilities

There are also things that the patient can do to ensure a good result for his implants. Good oral hygiene is important, particularly post-surgery. If the patient smokes or uses smokeless tobacco, this can compromise the procedure and the life of the implant, and ideally, any smoking or other poor habits that relate to oral health would be stopped prior to the procedure.

Keep in mind, none of these issues are insurmountable! But good communication with your dentist will ensure you get the kind of care and treatment that you need during this procedure.

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