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Dental Fillings: An Overview

It’s the news no one wants to hear at the dentist’s office: you need a filling. Seeing your dentist for regular checkups and keeping up with a oral hygiene routine at home will help prevent cavities, but sometimes you still end up with one, and that makes a filling a must.

What is a Filling?

When sugars from food combine with bacteria in our mouths damaging acids can cause tooth decay more commonly known as cavities. Cavities can cause pain and discomfort and when not treated will lead to further damage such as tooth loss and gum disease.

What makes a dental filling necessary? To treat a cavity, your dentist has to remove the decayed portion of the tooth. This decay is caused by acidic damage. Once the decayed part of the teeth is removed a filling is required to keep the tooth intact and prevent further damage. Fillings may also be used if you have a cracked tooth.

To minimize any pain or discomfort during this procedure a local anesthetic is used to numb the area. It may be necessary to use sedation dentistry instead of local anesthetic for younger patients or for those with high levels of anxiety about dental procedures.

What’s In a Filling?

Gone are the days of metal (amalgam, which contains mercury) fillings being the only choice at your dentist’s office. Metal fillings have not proved to be temperature stable and can expand or contract. They have been known to cause more damage by expanding and cracking teeth.  Old style metal fillings could easily fall out due to temperature fluctuations and did not seal off the tooth which could lead to continuing decay or the possibility of bacteria getting in the tooth. Moreover, they contain mercury, and while they are considered safe, it is worth having them replaced if your are nervous about having the substance in your teeth.  Mercury is a known toxin and is no longer a popular choice at most dental practices for fillings.

Cedar Park Premier Dentistry is proud to only offer white fillings for repairing and sealing decayed teeth. White fillings are less noticeable and are made of a material that bonds to teeth and seal out damaging bacteria.  Your old metal fillings can be replaced with the more modern and durable white fillings. For more information about cavity treatment contact Cedar Park Premier Dentistry and update your fillings for a more attractive, healthier smile.

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