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Causes of Teeth Stains

You may find yourself looking in the mirror and wondering how your pearly whites ended up in a slightly less-than-white shade. Maybe you’ve even been covering your teeth during pictures because you don’t like their color any more. There are a variety of reasons why your teeth may have become stained. The good news is that your teeth can be easily treated with a teeth whitening system.

Stained teeth can occur because of lifestyle choices, age, and even your genetics. In some cases, medications may have caused stains on teeth. If you have stains on your teeth, our team at Cedar Park Premier Dentistry can offer several teeth whitening treatment options. If you’re in the Austin area and are interested in teeth whitening, please contact our team today.

Teeth stains can arise from one or many factors, including the following:

The majority of teeth stains are on the surface and can be treated with a teeth whitening system. At Cedar Park Premier Dentistry, our cosmetic dentistry team offers professional strength take-home whitening systems. These systems provide a potent and effective solution to safely restore your teeth to their natural, lustrous shade of white.

Our take-home whitening systems differ from systems that you can purchase in stores because one of our cosmetic dentists will fit the whitening trays to your teeth. A custom fit ensures that you achieve optimal results. When the trays align with your bite properly, your teeth will receive even coloring and our professional solution is less-likely to cause sensitivity than those available at retail stores.

If your stains are not surface stains and are caused by chips or cracks, our experienced dentists may recommend a porcelain veneer to cover the stained tooth. Porcelain veneers are bonded over chipped or cracked teeth to create a long-lasting, stain-resistant surface.

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If you’re in the Austin, Texas area and are interested in teeth whitening, please contact Cedar Park Premier Dentistry to schedule your initial consultation. Our team will work to determine exactly why your teeth are stained and how best to treat them.

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