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Gum Disease Treatment

If you are suffering from gum disease, prompt treatment is essential for the restoration of comfort and the preservation of your natural teeth. Austin gum disease treatment may also help reduce your risk for serious and even life-threatening systemic diseases as well, as several studies have shown an association between gum disease and certain health conditions. Gum disease has not been shown to cause these health conditions, but there is evidence of some connection between your oral health and your overall health.

Cedar Park general dentist Dr. Kondoff uses a microsonic dental instrument to provide advanced cleaning for our patients with gum disease. This advanced piece of dental technology uses vibration to remove bacteria and sprays antimicrobial medication beneath the gum line to fight infection and restore comfort to your gums.

To learn more about our advanced cleaning for the treatment of gum disease in Austin, please call to schedule an appointment at our comfortable, modern Cedar Park dental office.

The Gum/Body Connection

Treating gum disease is not only necessary for the preservation of your smile, it is an essential part of your overall healthcare. Several studies have found a link between gum disease and systemic issues including:

These studies do not show a direct cause-and-effect relationship, but some evidence also links gum disease to various immune system problems. Its exact role in those issues remains unknown. Nonetheless, treating gum disease is important for more than just your teeth and should be done as soon as symptoms of the disease become present.

Preventing Gum Disease

Risk factors for gum disease include:

While some of these factors are unavoidable, you can significantly reduce your risks for gum disease by practicing a proper dental hygiene and teeth cleaning routine. Cedar Park general dentist Dr. Kondoff will be happy to discuss this with you in more detail during your regularly scheduled office visits.

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If you are suffering from gum disease or would like to schedule an appointment with Dr. Kondoff, please contact Cedar Park Premier Dentistry today. Dr. Kondoff provides advanced gum disease treatment for Austin, Round Rock, Cedar Park, and Pflugerville, Texas.

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