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A baby visit a dentist for the first time wit her dad

When Should I Plan My First Visit To The Dentist?

If you have a new child at home, you might be wondering when he or she should go to the dentist for the first time. Even though it is tempting to wait until there is a full mouth of teeth, you should actually take your baby to the dentist much earlier than this. When should you take your baby to the dentist for the first time?

Once You See a Tooth, Go To The Dentist

In general, as soon as you see a tooth poking out from the gum line, it is time for you to take your baby to the dentist’s office. Generally, you should expect you to start showing up at approximately one year of age, but it is possible that they may show up before then. If you notice that your child is drooling a bit more, or if you see that your child is starting to chew on various objects, this could be a sign that a tooth is getting ready to pop up. Therefore, it might be time to start calling the dentist’s office to make an appointment.

If Your Pediatrician Tells You To Go Sooner, You Should

There are other situations where your pediatrician may tell you that you need to go to the dentist sooner. If that is the case, you need to listen to the advice of your doctor and make an appointment with your local dentist. If your pediatrician believes there’s a chance that there could be a congenital issue with your child’s mouth, he or she may refer you to a dentist at an earlier age.

Why Take a Baby to the Dentist?

If you have a young baby at home, why should you take him or her to the dentist? After all, it will take a while before your child has any chance of developing cavities, right? There are several reasons why you need to take your baby to the dentist as soon as you see that first tooth. They include:

  • If your baby is drinking from the bottle, he or she may be at risk of developing cavities sooner than you think.
  • You need to get your child into the habit of going to the dentist regularly.
  • Your child’s teeth are different from adult teeth, and your dentist needs to tell you how to take care of them.
  • At Cedar Park Dentistry, it would be our pleasure to help you take care of all of your oral health concerns.

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At Cedar Park Dentistry, we are always available to help you address any oral health concerns you might have. Our top priority is to make sure your teeth are properly protected, and it will be our pleasure to provide dental care for the whole family. If you have questions or concerns about your oral health, we are here to answer them. Give us a call today to make an appointment with a member of our team. It would be our honor to take care of you.