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Why Regular Dental Visits are So Important

Most dentists would agree that it’s important to come in for regular oral exams and professional cleanings. But if you think that’s just because the dentist office needs the business, think again. The truth is that your good oral health is the primary concern of any good dentist, and it’s next to impossible to maintain good oral health without regular exams and cleanings. If you’ve ever been tempted to skip a dentist visit, don’t! Here are some of the best reasons why it’s so important to see your dentist on a regular basis.

  • To prevent tooth decay – Even if you brush and floss multiple times a day, you still won’t be able to remove all the plaque and tartar that builds up on your teeth over time. That’s why most dentists recommend having your teeth professionally cleaned once every 6 months. If you build up a lot of plaque on your teeth, and/or if you’re more susceptible to developing gum problems, your dentist may recommend that you visit more often.
  • To treat gum disease early on – Speaking of gum problems, you may be in the early stages of gum disease and not even know it. That’s another important reason to see your dentist on a regular basis. A buildup of plaque and tartar not only causes cavities; it also negatively impacts your gum health. While the later stages of gum disease usually produce a variety of symptoms (including red, bleeding and/or sore gums, to name just a few), the early stages of the disease can be present with no symptoms whatsoever. During an oral exam, your hygienist or dentist can assess the current condition of your gums and measure the pockets in gum tissue around your teeth to determine your gum health.
  • To find underlying problems with X-rays – During an oral exam, your dentist may want to take X-rays to determine the health of your teeth and the bone tissue that supports your teeth. You could be experiencing problems such as impacted teeth, compromised bone tissue, tooth decay in an area not visible to the dentist or hygienist, or a variety of other issues that could go undetected without an X-ray.
  • To diagnose oral cancer – Your dentist can use advanced instruments to detect any early signs of oral cancer that might go undiagnosed otherwise. This form of cancer can usually be successfully treated, but only if it is detected early on.

Seeing your dentist on a regular basis is important for so many reasons. Call today to schedule your next oral exam and professional cleaning!