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What Qualifies as a Dental Emergency?

You may have noticed that dental offices are usually not open 24 hours a day, seven days per week like the emergency room. At the same time, there are dental emergencies that happen from time to time. What are situations where you need to reach out to an on-call dentist for help?

At Cedar Park Premier Dentistry, our goal is to provide you with the best care possible. Take a look at a few common examples of dental emergencies, and make sure you have someone you can call for emergent dental care.

Teeth That Get Knocked Out

If you have teeth that got knocked out, it is a dental emergency. Depending on the nature of the trauma, and how quickly you get to the dental office, it might be possible to put the teeth back in.

Furthermore, if you happen to have a crown or implant that got knocked out, that is a dental emergency as well. You need to reach out to your dentist’s office as quickly as possible, and you should follow all instructions you are given to limit possible complications.

Lost or Damaged Dental Appliances

If you have dental appliances that get lost or damaged, it is a dental emergency. For example, if you have a wire or bracket from your braces that has fallen off, you need to visit your dentist as quickly as possible to get everything put back together.

If you have a Carolina Bridge that falls out, this is another dental emergency. You should call the dentist as quickly as possible to get it put back in. If you happen to misplace your retainer and lose it, this is another reason to reach out to the dentist’s office as quickly as possible.

A Dental Abscess or Infection

Anyone with an infection needs to reach out to the dentist as quickly as possible. If you have a visible abscess in your mouth, you need to reach out to your dentist to get it drained. Or, if you have recently had a tooth extracted, and you have developed a fever, this could be a sign that the socket has gotten infected.

You need to reach out to your dentist to see if you need antibiotics. There are some situations where a cyst might need to be drained to prevent the infection from spreading.

Call Cedar Park Premier Dentistry With All Questions

These are just a few examples of possible dental emergencies you may experience. At Cedar Park Premier Dentistry, we encourage you to reach out to us with any questions or concerns.

At the same time, if you feel like you are dealing with a medical emergency, you need to go to the emergency room. We always do everything in our power to prevent dental emergencies from happening.

One of the ways we do so is by encouraging our patients to come for routine visits. If it is time for your next dental visit, contact us today to make an appointment!