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What Are the Signs that I Need a Root Canal?

Are you concerned that there might be something wrong with your oral health? In some situations, you might need a root canal to save a tooth. At Cedar Park Dentistry, we have a wide variety of treatment options that we can use to help you protect your oral health. How do you know if you need a root canal? Reach out to our team to schedule an appointment if you have questions or concerns about your oral health.

Persistent Oral Pain

One of the biggest signs that you need a root canal is persistent oral pain. If you have tooth pain, there could be something wrong with the nerve or root underneath the surface. There are some situations where you might be able to solve this problem with a filling, but if you notice shooting pains traveling from the tooth elsewhere throughout your mouth, there is a chance that something could be wrong with the nerve, which might have to be solved with a root canal. 

This is a problem that we address on a case-by-case basis, so if you have concerns about oral discomfort, talk to a dentist from our team.

An Increased Sensitivity To Hot and Cold Temperatures

Another sign that you might need a root canal is a markedly increased sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures. If you need to avoid hot coffee, or if you feel like you can’t deal with ice in your cup, this could be a sign of something wrong with the nerves or roots in your mouth.

You should not have to alter your diet to deal with issues related to hot and cold temperatures. If you would like to talk about steps you can take to improve your tooth sensitivity, we can help you. The answer might be a root canal.

Discolored Teeth and Swollen Gums

Finally, if you notice that your teeth are discolored or that you have to deal with swollen gums, this could be a sign of a serious oral health issue lurking underneath the surface. Your gums should have a uniform appearance throughout your mouth, and your teeth should be the same color. 

An infection underneath the surface could lead to tooth discoloration, and your gums might swell in response to this inflammation. You need a dentist to take a look at this issue and recommend a comprehensive treatment plan. This could include a root canal, which can be used to clear the infection from your mouth and save the tooth.

Reach Out to Cedar Park Dentistry To Make an Appointment

If you are concerned about your oral health, our team is here to help you. At Cedar Park Dentistry, a member of our team is always available to help you, and we will customize your treatment plan to meet your needs. If you need a root canal, we would be happy to talk about this treatment option with you. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with a member of our team!